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When our competition are still analyzing,

we have already solved your problem.

I have been Peter’s and later also Riitta’s client since way back in the 1990’s, whether it’s been for founding, selling or merging a company or a combination of these. P&C is the C.S.I. of the business world. Peter and Riitta are able to see through any company and quickly figure out what it contains and which things have led to which results.

What sets P&C apart from law firms is that they also have a capability for creative solutions that are also financially sound. What sets P&C apart from simple number crunchers is the ability to also see the people and the motives of companies and entrepreneurs in different situations. These are important skills.

Sometimes I may have even founded a company partly just because working with P&C is always eye-opening and educational – and fun. The only downside is that they no longer have a piano at the company premises.

Vesa Kujala chairman of the board / Kaisaniemen Dynamo Oy
client since 1994

What can we offer you?

Corporate acquisitions and ownership arrangements

We consult the buyer or seller of a company and share of stock in all matters related to the transaction from planning to first inquiries, from value definition to closing. We are happy to take leadership responsibilities and deliver the entire project as a turnkey, or to assist the main negotiators with calculations, ideas and structures, as the situation requires.

We met more than ten years ago when doing a corporate acquisition. What I remember best is Riitta and Peter’s courage to fully commit themselves to the project from the very beginning. This was almost dazzling to a novice, but I was impressed by their expertise, with which they have surprised us many times over the years.

Riitta and Peter have been involved in all situations of Aste and us entrepreneurs as clearly genuine people. They have the courage to call a spade a spade, without empty phrases. Things have always progressed speedily. Riitta and Peter never dwell on problems – they are always seeking a solution. This has suited the entrepreneur well.

If I had to describe our collaboration in one word, it would be ’trust’. Fortunately, I can use more than one: our collaboration has also been fun, friendly and financially profitable – for both the company and the owners.

Mika Laitinen, entrepreneur, founding partner Aste Helsinki Oy Aste Kirjat Oy

Our collaboration with P&C at Artek was started by a recommendation from someone who is quite critical. A professional in the field encouraged us to meet a flexible, thinking and professional duo. On Artek’s journey, Riitta and Peter were involved in a corporate acquisition where Aero Design Furniture Oy and Huonekalutehdas Korhonen were bought by Artek. P&C were also responsible for tax planning during the acquisition. With them, we also developed processes of financial management and did some key recruitments. In 2013, P&C were our partners in a corporate acquisition where Artek was sold to the Swiss Vitra AG. We have faced challenges and busy days together – always with a fantastic attitude and energy.”

Mirkku Kullberg Head of Vitra Home International

Corporate restructuring is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do as an entrepreneur. Riitta and Peter not only offered process expertise and consulting, they genuinely understood the nature of our business and how it should be developed, not to mention the mental state of the entrepreneur. Their help was invaluable, and I don’t think I could have found the same level of support elsewhere.”

Mathias Järnström, Miltton

Corporate studies

We do due diligence studies (financing, taxation, business) for buyers and sellers in company acquisitions. The most important factors in doing due diligence are the professional expertise and life experience brought by the seniority of those doing it, and personality factors such as reasoning and quickness and creativity in spotting risks and making recommendations. Of course, due diligence work must also be priced in a competitive and market-oriented fashion.

The latest newcomer in the due diligence market is the so-called vendor’s dd, where a party who is only just planning a corporate acquisition orders an outside health inspection for their company. Shortcomings discovered and fixed in the preparatory stage will be far less costly when discovered yourself, as opposed to reading about them in the other party’s due diligence report.

We do Independent Business Reviews (IBR) particularly for financing institutions for use in situations of change or problems. Our IBR report is written in plain language and backed by different calculations, shaping the view of the situation and supporting good decision-making and trust between the parties in many different types of situations.

We have had the pleasure of working together with Riitta and Peter on several M&A transactions during the past 10 years, involving companies in different fields of business such as Containerships, Eimskip, Global Ports, Proventus and Artek. Riitta & Peter have always shown an excellent business understanding and a high level of dedication to their work and to the interests of their clients. We already look forward to our next joint project!

Markus Engberg, Managing Partner Hästö & Co Attorneys Ltd

When you know Riitta and Peter, this is what you get: the simple truth.

Anders Holmén, Capman Technology


Due to the difficult economic situation over the last few years, many of our commissions have been related to saving the client companies by different means.

We have developed special expertise in discovering the causes of corporate problems and finding solutions to them. Our services include actions to improve the company’s internal health as well as its ’external relations’. This means that we participate in rearrangements of the financial structure or debt negotiations in support of the entrepreneur or financer.

We have participated in countless reports leading to corporate restructuring, attempts to seek corporate restructuring and voluntary restructuring arrangements.

I invited Palmén and Charpentier’s team to support me and my steering group when I worked as CEO of WSOY. Palmén quickly analyzed the publishing company’s intellectual capital and needs, and Charpentier crunched the numbers. The final result was a sharp situation analysis with practical suggestions for improvement. The work was characterized by a humane touch that still did not blur the goal: to fix the publishing company’s finances and make its business profitable.
Anna Baijars Kustannusjohtaja Gummerus Oy

The team

We P&C partners have founded, incubated, developed, turned around, financed, bought and sold an uncounted number of Finnish companies. Our aggregated professional experience is more than 50 years. We have worked as advisors, venture capitalists, board professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and business angels.

Our team’s combined knowhow and creative problem solving skills have been tried and tested in many different circumstances. We never give up and always do everything we can for our clients.

  • Peter Charpentier
    Peter CharpentierFounding Partner

    Peter is a ’virtuoso di’ in problem solving that relate to financial figures, deal structuring and corporate arrangements. Peter is a long term entrepreneur with three decades of experience in SME’s financial matters. Peter’s long career incorporates accounting services, private equity investing, CFO positions, financial and tax advisory. Peter is specialist in distressed companies. In his free time Peter & family live countryside life, travel and exercise.

  • Riitta Palmén
    Riitta PalménFounding Partner

    Riitta is a seasoned professional within finance, M&A, venture capital and other corporate economics. Riitta’s career of more than 20 years includes positions within stock analysis, private equity and financial advisory. The last 14 years Riitta has co-owned financial advisory companies together with Peter Charpentier. This yin & yang duo has served hundreds of companies in all possible industries in different cases mainly relating to finance, performance and tax. In her free time Riitta, a mother of three, walks around the Central park of Helsinki, sings classical songs and admires a variety of cultural events.

  • Riikka Koskenohi
    Riikka KoskenohiAnalyst

    Riikka is an undergraduate majoring in economic science. Despite her young age she has already plenty of work experience. Before joining the Palmén & Charpentier team, Riikka worked in many years in advertising and digital agency giving her the understanding of the hectic and fast moving media industry. Based on her past experiences, Riikka has become rapid, sharp and deep analyst of businesses. Good attitude, warm heart, hard work and knowledge are Riikka’s strengths with clients. In her free-time Riikka concentrates on finalizing her studies, spending time with her family and jogging.

Contact information

Over the years, we have been involved in almost every type of report, project, implementation and improvement
related to entrepreneurship and corporate finances (profitability, cash flows, funding, financial management).

Whatever is on your mind about the operation of your company, contact us!

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